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Launched 2020-06-05
Version v83
Exp x3
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New Player EXP Event
2020-09-18 02:58:21

Avenue has been going through a lot of changes recently. To celebrate our new content and gameplay we are holding an EXP event. This would be a perfect time to get back into the swing of things and experience the new MapleAve! This event only affects players below level 120 and provides them with a +1x exp boost.

Exp Boost: The rate for players under level 120 has been set to 4x

Duration: This event will last until October 17th

Update 11
2020-09-18 03:03:16


  • Cygnus now correctly get +6 AP every level, and +5 AP every level after 70
  • The Zakum Prequest JQ can no longer be skipped
  • Krexel’s stats have been fixed to where it can be killed
  • The drop-rate of Bronze Trophies has been increased


  • Fishing has been added to MapleAvenue! This particular fishing system is based on the MapleSea implementation and can be accessed through the Dimensional Portal.
  • Our custom Trophy Exchange System is now live. This can be accessed through Nina in the FM.
  • John Barricade wants to challenge you to a Scavenger Hunt! These will occur monthly and you can gain more information through Nina in the FM.
  • The conclusion of the Aramia Tree event
  • The level cap for Cygnus characters has been raised to 200
  • A new player EXP event has been launched. For more information please checkout #active-events
New Server Systems Released
2020-09-16 04:28:32

We are happy to announce the release of some new systems. These would include Scavenger Hunting, fishing at Fishing Lagoon, and our custom Trophy System!

We have also turned Nina into a server information hub. Therefore, you can access most Avenue features from the FM. This includes all information on how to gain trophies, collect scavenger pieces, exchange ores, and participate in our “Trophy Dailies”! This info will also be making its way to the website so please keep an eye out for that in the upcoming days.

For currently written guides on these systems please make sure to check out our Discord!

Ore of the Month Update
2020-08-14 10:04:24

The NPC Mia, who can be found in Henesys or accessed through Nina, now provides a new way to obtain Bronze Trophies. These ores are randomly selected at the beginning of the month and the exchange rate is as follows:

5 plates/gems = 1 Bronze Trophy

August’s Ores of the month are Lidium and Gold!

Also included in today’s update

  • A universal Bronze Trophy drop
  • The unintended item leveling of Reverse weapons has been corrected
New Content Roadmap
2020-08-09 06:55:07

After talking among ourselves and with players, we’ve decided to change our server philosophy a bit. In order to successfully make these changes, some core features will have to be reworked. While this is quite the modification we believe it is necessary for our success long-term. We are still committed to providing a server that can be enjoyable for all players. This is why we’ve decided to move away from strictly RNG content and provide static reward systems. In order to make this work, we will be implementing a new scalable currency (Bronze Trophy).

We also promised a developmental roadmap of the content we will be working on. This is provided to both hold us accountable for consistent updates and also be more transparent towards the player-base. This list of content, written in no particular order, is as follows:

  • Monster Card Ring
  • Permanent fishing mechanic
  • New player EXP event
  • Cash shop edits
  • Monthly Scavenger hunts
  • Ore of the Month events
  • Custom Trophy system
MapleAvenue Update 9
2020-07-28 10:07:16


  • The selling capabilities of MuiMui the Traveling Salesman can once again be used in the Free Market
  • Gaviota now functions in a GMS-like way
  • Fixed a typo in the battleship HP formula which had nerfed the HP value by 900%
  • Damage dealt towards the battleship is now correctly capped at 6k per hit as specified in our #skill-changes
  • Under certain circumstances, items were being excluded from mob drops. These faulty “drop relevancy” checks have been removed. Therefore, items like Zakum helms will now drop as intended.


  • The internal server timezone has been set to UTC-0