Avenue Features

HP World Tour

An alternative to HP washing

Instead of completely getting rid of washing we have decided to give alterative ways to accumulate HP. This gives players the ability to decide if they want the extra HP washing would give them or rather elect to use our World Tour system instead. This system revolves around defeating the various bosses that MapleAvenue has to offer. HP varies based on what job you are playing and has been broken up into three categories: ranged, melee, and mage.

  • Consisting classes: Warrior job tree and the Buccaneer class
  • Receive HP gain at 150% of gain values below
  • Consisting classes: The Archer job tree, Thief job tree, and Corsairs
  • Receive HP gain at 100% of gain values below
Exact values to be available soon

Automated Achievements

Play the Game -> Get Rewarded

Maple is a very multi-faceted game with many different playstyles. Some people prefer questing while others enjoy the thrill of bossing. We at Avenue want to reward all play styles! Therefore, we have created automated achievements. Throughout your game-play you will be rewarded for completeing many different tasks.

Nostalgic Map Buffs

Bring Back the Good 'ole Days

Maplestory has turned into only certain maps being viable training options as you progress through game-play. It leaves many lesser areas to not be used by the majority of the playerbase. In order to combat that we have provided map buffs in the form of either increased spawn or increased exp. The list of these affected maps can be found below.

Dungeon: The Forest of Golem
Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon IV
Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon V
Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-1
Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-2
Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area C-3
Aqua Road: Deep Sea Gorge I
Aqua Road: Deep Sea Gorge II
Aqua Road: The Grave of a Wrecked Ship
Aqua Road: Dangerous Sea Gorge II
Hidden Street: Critical Error
Hidden Street: Forbidden Time
Hidden Street: Lost Time
Hidden Street: Twisted Time
Hidden Street: Unbalanced Time
Victoria Road: Golem's Temple III
Victoria Road: Golem's Temple IV

Godly Item System

A blue glow!

With a little luck you can stumble upon one of these rare items! Every time you get a mob drop there is a small percent chance (10%) of having a boosted stat. It is also possible to have mutiple stats be affected on a single item. This boost adds +5 to the original value. Therefore, it raises the potential of many items you wouldn't normally use!

Party Play

The More The Merrier

Old school maple has always been about community! When you band together with friends it makes the game a blast. We apply that same mindset here and reward players for coming together and playing the game. You will find maps scattered throughout the maple world that will give you up to a 20% boosted party experience rate. The list of maps included can be found below.

Comprehensive map list is in the works!